Office of Academic Affairs

 Dr. Edward L. Hill

Vice President of Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives

Dr. Michael Saint Luke-Robinson
Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Anuradha Venkateswaran
Interim Dean, College of Professional Studies

Dr. DeAnna Henderson
Dean, College of Graduate, Adult and Continuing Education

Ms. Tammy Sanders
Coordinator and Assistant for Administrative and Academic Support

Wilberforce University Faculty Roster


The Academic Program at Wilberforce University is designed to enable students to become wholly educated individuals distinguishable in attitude, thought and behavior.

The wholly educated individual:

  • Exhibits disciplined habits of mind that include intellectual curiosity and rigor, critical thinking and problem solving, civility and kindness, and a full appreciation and advocacy for social justice
  • Embodies racial pride and solidarity, and understands and values the rich culture and history of African-Americans and their contribution to the United States and the Americas
  • Appreciates the importance of entrepreneurship and is trained to pursue entrepreneurship as a personal vocation, if desired

The Academic Program at Wilberforce University is grounded in the time-honored tradition of the liberal arts but has an intentional focus on entrepreneurship that addresses the aptitudes, interests, and aspirations of the millennial student.
This overarching goal is realized through five core statements:

  1. Introduce students to the canon and intellectual traditions of the liberal arts as a foundational body of knowledge and experience.
  2. Introduce students to the canon of African-American and non-Western intellectual, cultural, and artistic traditions as a foundational body of knowledge and experience.
  3. Introduce students to the methods of intellectual inquiry and disciplined habits of mind that include critical thinking, problem solving, technological literacy, and communication.
  4. Introduce students to the values, assumptions, and behavior expected of the educated individual in a civilized society.
  5. Introduce students to the values, skills and behaviors needed to pursue personal aspirations for business ownership and entrepreneurship.

Graduates of Wilberforce University are fully prepared to pursue graduate and professional study, careers in corporate environments, and entrepreneurship and business ownership.

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Academic Affairs At-A-Glance

The academic organization of Wilberforce University consists of:
College of General and Foundational Studies

  • Center for Academic Support and Student Success
  • First Year Experience Program (in collaboration with the Division of Student Engagement and Student Success)

College of Arts and Sciences
College of Professional Studies
College of Graduate, Adult and Continuing Education

  • Credentials for Leadership in Management and Business Program (CLIMB)
  • Graduate Program in Rehabilitation Counseling

The Rembert E. Stokes Learning Resources Center and Informational Commons (Library)
The Office of Cooperative Education

Programs of Study

Wilberforce University offers the Bachelors of Arts (BA) or Bachelors of Science (BS) in 20 degree-granting undergraduate programs of study (known as majors); 1 minor and the Masters of Science (MS) in 1 graduate program. The following are the degree-granting programs of study:

Undergraduate Programs

Computer Science
Computer Engineering
Criminal Justice Administration
Electrical Engineering
Health and Human Services
Health Services Administration
Mass Media Communications
Organizational Management
Political Science
Rehabilitation Services
Social Work


Graduate Program

Rehabilitation Counseling

Faculty Resources

New Course Proposal Form
New Program Proposal Form
Additionally, the academic programs at Wilberforce University include the Cooperative Education Program and the WU Media Experiential Learning Program, each designed to enhance the classroom learning experience and enrich the intellectual and academic experience of each student enrolled.

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