Last NameFirst NameNumberTitleEmail Address
AbasMohamed(937) 708-5722Associate Professor of
AnyalewechiPatrick(937) 708-5677Associate Professor of
BerryDeVontae(937) 502-3620Admissions/Advancement
BoutonBrian(937) 708-5755Physical Plant
BradleyTashia(937) 708-5706Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation
BuffingerDelbert R.(937) 708-5639Professor of
ColemanShantell(937) 502-3798Financial Aid
ColesNatalie(937)708-4023Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Chief Development
CopeCarla(937) 708-5710Executive Administrative Assistant for Institutional
CrossJon(937) 708-5254Chief of
DandridgeDoreece(937) 708-5751Loan Verification/
DeeringRichardAssociate Professor of
EdwardsAshley(937) 708-5406Benefits Coordinator/Risk Management
FreemanJohn(937) 708-5611Dean of Religious Life and Community Outreach/Senior
FryeKevin(937) 708-5628Director of Plant Logistics & Golf
GlotzbeckerMichael(937) 708-5413Staff
GomezAnita(937) 708-5798Vice President for Administration and Human
GowdaShail(937) 708-5667Associate Professor of
HigdonDon(937) 971-4040Lead IT
HollingerNatalie(937) 708-5734Chief Administrator for Registrar
Honore'Linda(937) 708-5520HR
IselaiyeDaniel(937) 708-5672Associate Professor of Philosophy &
JonesShetina(937) 971-4001Assistant Director of
KatteNkorni(937) 708-5666Full-Time Faculty of Engineering and
LewisEmily (937) 971-4006Director of Educational Technology | Faculty Development
MackLawrence(937) 325-0610Director of Campus Police and
McCluskeyJames(937) 708-5665Associate Professor of Mass Media
MonceAndrew(937) 325-0022Director of Information & Technology | Snr. Systems
MorahTanya(937) 708-5658Associate Professor of Mass Media
MoraleMary(937) 708-5746Director of Title III and Sponsored
MoranMeagan(937) 708-5785Payroll
MundyDavid(937) 708-5502Financial
NagarajanMaha(937) 708-5679Associate Professor of
NakizitoMary(937) 502-3681Associate Professor of Literacy, Writing and Language
NamDeok(937) 708-5624Professor of Computer
NeelyJocelyn(937) 708-5745Director of Alumni
OliverMarye(937) 708-5729Financial Aid
PearlDanita(937) 708-5704Executive Assistant to the President and Head Dance
PinkardElfred-Anthony(937) 708-5704President of Wilberforce
PrestonKaren(937) 502-3665Coordinator for
PrestonRobert(937) 708-5255Public Safety Liaison
RaheemMalik(937)-502-3846Assistant Professor in Clinical Rehabilitation
RichardsonCarol(937) 708-5736Secretary III -
RobinsonMichael(937) 971-4003Interim Dean, College of Arts and
RostronStephenie(937) 502-3955Library
SandersAndrea(937) 708-5724Director of Student Financial
SmithCimone(937) 502-3377Assistant to the Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation
SandersTammy(937) 502-3585Coordinator, Administrative and Support Services for Academic
SmithMichelle(937) 708-5715Mailroom and Publications
Smith JonesCarla(937) 502-3425Senior Director of
SnowdenAmaris(937) 971-4011Student Activities
StewartHerb(937) 708-5448Instructor of Computing
TechnologyServices(937) 260-8518Technology Services |
TippinsSharon(937) 971-4030Assistant Professor of Literacy and Advisor,
ToosonJohn(937) 708-5625Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Counseling
VenkateswaranAnuradha(937) 376-0425Associate Professor of Marketing and Interim Dean, College of Professional
Wilcox-EvwarayeHelen(937) 708-5619Associate Professor of
WilliamsJennifer(937) 708-5409Assistant Professor of
WilliamsDerek(937) 708-5808Athletic Director & Head Women's Basketball
WoodsonWilliam(937) 708-5711Senior Vice President for Finance and
YaoWendy(937) 352-0033Banner | Data Base

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