Wilberforce University’s Mark and Shelly Wilson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is proud to announce the student-run WU Recycles Program,  led by senior Alexxus Beckwith, Coca-Cola Dear Futures Grant Recipient. Alexxus Beckwith successfully won a competitive grant to re-establish recycling at Wilberforce University. Her winning grant outlined a three-pronged approach to recycling at Wilberforce University- reduce waste, create new products, and generate revenue for students through entrepreneurship.

On Monday, September 16, 2019, the student-run initiative will officially begin recycling across campus. The program is designed to bring awareness to the importance of recycling and assistant students in ways they can reduce waste. Coca-Cola Dear Futures Grant recipient Alexxus Beckwith and several emerging innovators began the project.  Their efforts included the development and implementation of the emerging reuse program, that collects items discarded by students at the end of the academic year, and re-purposes them through the newly implemented University Yard Sale. Additionally, their efforts led to the creation of the Design Lab, a laboratory for students and community members) to transform recycled items into various revenue generating endeavors. 

Beginning Monday, the programs core component, the on-going campus-wide recycle program, will be implemented to collect appropriate items. The launch of the recycle program will begin in the residence halls. The recycled items will be managed through student staff, who will manage their pick-up, distribution to waste management, and reclaim items for the Design Lab or their projects. 

“The opportunity to bring recycling back to Wilberforce University is exciting! I am looking forward to  encouraging students and other members of the campus community to reduce their environmental footprint through recycling is important. I am especially excited about how we are encouraging students to think outside the box. As a student at Wilberforce University, I am encouraged to pursue the entrepreneurial mindset, and I am happy, that I can merge my passion for the earth and entrepreneurship.”

Alexxus Beckwith is a senior at Wilberforce University. The WU Recycles Program is supported through the Coca-Cola Dear Futures Program and through their partner Keep America Beautiful, Inc. 


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